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Sheilah Rechtschffer -

Dear Barb and Toby:

Enjoyed reading your letter. This is the only one I read. Are there others...particularly of the first part of your trip?

We too, went biking in Hoi An. We rented bicyles and rode in the rice paddies. I had my sketch book so we would stop and I would do a drawing and then play with watercoloring it later. We also met loads of people on route who were delightful. Everyone coming out to say hello. Try that in the surbs of the US! especially if you were Vietnamese! We also came upon a local temple and looked about. Yes, Hoi An can be a pain.....but like I say, the Vietnamese can drive you mad, but you love them anyway. AND we too bought an extra bag (last trip) and I'm enjoying everything that I had made. Also, had brought the dimensions of curtains I wanted for the house and they made them for a fraction of what it would cost here. Plus, the food was great. We stayed at the Vin Hung Hotel and they treated us to dinner on three occasions because of our volunteer status. We also just adored the Chinese Meeting Houses, the old Japanese Bridge and meeting many fantastic people. It's a treasure in spite of the commercial aspect.

I wrote a long letter about our work there. Our experience too in Vietnam was extraordinary. I'll do a cut and paste and send it to you.

Thanks also for you nice remarks about my work.

I'm working on a solo exhibition in September so thee is much to do.

Do send along or tell me how to get the other parts of your trip.

All the best, Sheilah

orion -

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