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Sheilah Rechtschffer -

I think I'll just comment on these as we go along. Now, that I understand how it all works. We didn't get to Hue as you know. Actually, we were in Hoi An the day that the train (accident) on the run from Hanoi to HCMC ran off the tracks. I guess the single guage rr they have means take it slow. Look what happened in Japan. So......we thought....too much to get to Hue and then back down to Nha Trang. In fact, we didn't fly from Danang to Nha Trang because all was booked (oh yes, I love that museum in Danang too....we saw it in "04--beautiful yellow ochre building and gorgeous stuff)

Definately agree. Some of the best places not in LP. Our place in Siem Reep wasn't and it was GREAT!!! When we were very young and touring on $5 A Day in Mexico (remember that one). We walked for blocks and finally found the resturant and it was filled with people and their $5 book. It does give the owners a trememdous boost but not everything is there or still good. We write to LP when we get home and tell them because it takes time to move mountains.

My daughter Jessica was in Hue and LOVED it. Best vegitarian food in the world. Maybe next time. Did you get out to the DMZ. Well I'll need to read more of your reviews. I guess just one or two a night will be good.

Best, Sheilah

Sheilah Rechtschffer -

Dear Toby:

Now I see my answer is on the website. Do you want this? I didn't realize it was public. If you prefer I'll write directly. Sorry.....the email novice. 20/20 understanding.