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Great post, very informative!

I'm with you on the internet vs local business conundrum--I found in our remodel that I was able to stay local and competitively priced with appliances (but just barely--they technically made a delivery exception for me), a cabinetmaker, countertops, flooring, and obviously labor.

It was the little details that sent me online; being 3 hours away from the nearest big city, I really had no great options for things like cabinet hardware, faucets, and lighting. The internet opened up a whole host of options I never would have seen otherwise, and of course as a research tool it is also invaluable.

Looking forward to your future posts!

Barry N. -

Really interesting and empowering article. Love the writers way of drawing our attention to all the things that could be overlooked. I surfed in here but will be bookmarking site. Really informative article. My new kitchen will be great.

Cristina -

I love cooking but am not in any sense a designer. I'm also quite indecisive so reading more about kitchen remodels is helping me get a better idea of what is out there and what I might like. All I know is that I don't like plastic so I think Horton's Brasses is a good place to check out :)


Great advice for those doing a kitchen remodel mostly on their own. I particularly like the mention of Ikea cabinets - their kitchen cabinetry is stylish and good quality. Saving money on cabinets can definitely loosen up your budget for other more expensive items.

Helen -

Wonderful advice, and beautifully written. I am inspired.

John -

A very informative, practical and to-the-point article on something many home owners will do someday: remodel their kitchen on a budget. Love the older photos (really adds class) and the way the writer uses phrases like: " the 'B' word" and "kitchen bang for our borrowed bucks". The financing information regarding the "back-up plan" is very much appreciated and the use of the internet certainly is a valuable source for research. Since I'm always on the bargain hunt, all the larger stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc) always have many great selections of discontinued or damages applications sitting in the rear of the store.
Whenever I buy anything for the kitchen, one of the first things I look for is "how cleaning friendly is the product?" That's anything from a counter top to a simple kitchen utensil to a door knob. If it can't be thoroughly cleaned simply, then bacteria sets in. It has been said that the kitchen is dirtier than the bathroom. It would be nice to see more information regarding this subject.
Please keep these wonderful informative/inspiring articles coming. Thanks a lot and happy shopping.

Jen -

That's my kitchen! We planned for more than a year and bought sale items as we went along (open box sink, returned dishwasher, 40% off annual sale on backsplash tile, etc.). We had planned on IKEA cabinets all along so that we could upgrade in other areas, like the backsplash and quartz counters. Thanks for the shout out, and I hope we're able to provide encouragement to other budget-minded kitchen renovators!

deva -

Jen--meant to tell you that I was blogging your kitchen. Definitely a great reference for people remodeling on a budget. Your kitchen looks glam!

Antony Brennan -

This is great information re the "B" word, that seems to be an area of renovation that most don't risk manage well enough. This blog is almost a budget checklist. Maybe that plan to renovate from 10 years ago is still around here somewhere


Your kitchen remodel is great. I love the tiles you refer to that are made from recycled material! Great tips to save money without giving up style, I'm always looking for ideas! Thanks!

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